my dreams last night consisted of: tofu bacon & Portland

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starting my plans to move to Oregon this summer

I left my heart on the west coast

Her face reminds

of simpler times

of flowing hair

I dare

say true beauty

in her modesty

But I still can recall

the petals dancing as she swayed

hooked to the hoop, I stall

to the thought of happy dreams made

The cat that caught the eye

so bright, deep blue, such hew

like morning dew off the earth tree

lover of all things living in this world

A smile to light up the sky

Iris to drown the sea

An ode to a most beautiful person

and a note to how happy you made me

anndddd again. hahaha
like that time I took a nap in the middle of downtown Portland and Jeyna snapped a pic of me because “my butt looked good”

I miss Portland. a lot. already.

somebody come hold me

finals week + almost all my clothes are already packed = crazy huge sweatshirt time
edit: I look like a FREAK
last day of classes at UP.
2 finals, a paper, 7 days, and 9.5 hours of flying are separating me from home

3 months of being vegan today! :D

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right before my wind ensemble concert….00g double flared purple sparkly plugs!

I’m genuinely happy for the first time in a long time. :)

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free clothes from Soriah. best day ever :D

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it’s time for another crazy awesome sweater Friday!! :D
(blame tumblr for the crappy photo quality)

listening to Sublime and knitting.

…lol really, Melissa?