got out of lab two hours early.

must. do. work. and not. fall. asleep.

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fuck money

fuck overpriced education

fuck not being rich

fuck taking out loans I’ll never be able to pay

fuck this school

fuck it all

just finished skyping with my friend Nicole, who graduated when I was a freshman. she gave me a lot of great advice about internships, getting into the environmental career field, and grad school. I feel pretty at ease and excited about the next few years I have ahead now!

sicky. time to study for Buddhist Ethics and Ballet.
sleepy Melissa has too much homework to do :(

crazy sweater, major bell bottoms, lava lamp…clearly my life rocks right now. time for Buddhist ethics reading.

finals week + almost all my clothes are already packed = crazy huge sweatshirt time
edit: I look like a FREAK

skipped earthquakes. off to ballet. :)

skipping class to listen to Ravi Shankar & play solitaire = good life choice.

that’s really all I have to say right now. I’m super tired. zzzzz

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